Company overview

An overview of Premium Credit

Whether it's for personal or business use, insurance is essential for most of us.

For many, paying a hefty insurance premium in one go can put a strain on the budget - but Premium Credit provides an affordable solution. Since 1988, we have helped businesses and individuals pay for their insurance by spreading the costs over regular instalments, instead of paying the whole premium up front.

But we do much more besides. Premium Credit also provides the finance to pay annual costs such as professional fees, membership subscriptions, commercial service charges and school fees.  We have 2.1 million customers, processing 24 million Direct Debits, achieving advances of £3.3 billion.

That's why we're the number one insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland.

Our overall goal is to make it easy for intermediaries and customers to interact with us, in any way they want. In today’s world most of that interaction is online, and needs to be as simple and as streamlined as possible.



Our culture is built upon our four company values:


We act with honesty and integrity, and put customer needs at the heart of everything we do.


We work, succeed and celebrate together.


We take accountability for our actions, honour our promises and make sure we learn from our mistakes.


Our aim is for excellence and continuous improvement.


Premium Credit Values Awards

We seek to promote these values by rewarding employees who exemplify them with our quarterly Values Awards

Employees & Market Coverage

Premium Credit employs over 400 people, the majority based in our Leatherhead and Dublin Head Offices. Additional field-based employees give us coverage across the whole of UK and Ireland.