Improve your own and your clients’ cash flow.
Get your fee invoices paid without delay.

FeePlan from Premium Credit gives you the opportunity to make your cash flow smoother. With FeePlan, you get paid in full by us shortly after the job is completed, and your clients then pay us in monthly instalments, enabling them to spread the cost of their fees over a number of monthly payments – so both parties’ cash flows benefit from the arrangement.

Why should I use FeePlan?

• Client fees paid to you in as little as ten days
• Reduce debtor days
• Save time and money on administration/ fee collection
• Online application process and management information
• Paperless mid-term and renewal processing

How does FeePlan benefit my clients?

Boost Cash Flow
• Keeps their cash available for use in their business as additional working capital

Additional Line of Credit
• A new totally unsecured credit line and one that doesn’t involve complex application forms or supporting projections

Competitive Cost
• A small transaction fee will be added to their invoice amount, this will be advised by you and is subject to a minimum fee
• No application or arrangement fees