Why work here?

We are a company with ambition

Our principal objective is to provide the best service to our customers and partners by providing efficient and profitable payment and funding solutions. We continue to focus on improving our service offering for both our brokers and our customers.

The company statements on our website provide great insight into the company’s strategies and ambitions, as well as an overview of progress so far. 

You will also find further information about our investment in people and how important this is to us.



Creating the right culture is important to us and means employees following our company values


Engagement and wellbeing

We want colleagues in Premium Credit to be engaged and enjoy working here.  We want to be responsible and considerate as an employer and in return we want people to feel proud of working for us.

Some of our initiatives are:

  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee communication events
  • Health promotions
  • Benefits fairs
  • Stress awareness training
  • Partnership with an occupational health provider
  • A recognition programme


Potential for learning and professional growth

At Premium Credit we provide learning opportunities and look at ways to help employees support their career growth.  All are encouraged to set a challenging personal development plan and are responsible for their own learning and development.  Everyone participates in a mandatory programme of training which is interesting and relevant to Premium Credit.  Training and learning opportunities are arranged either by the company, the department or the individual.

There is an online academy.  In particular, we partner with Skill Pill to provide an online library of digital soft skills learning.

There are management development programmes, including topics such as performance management, recruitment and decision-making skills.

An apprenticeship programme is in place and we have apprentices in different departments with particular focus on Digital IT.

We have a performance management structure to ensure that employees are receiving suitable and timely feedback. This is a process that includes informal monthly check-ins, and more formal performance reviews.


Career Progression

Career progression is an ever-present consideration for many employees and we consider opportunities for people to grow in current and future roles.

At Premium Credit career progression may be about becoming better at what you do, about adapting to the changing requirements of your role, or about exploring other roles within the company.  We have several employees who have spent many years at Premium Credit, working in a variety of roles and gaining experience and different skills, and growing their knowledge of the business and the industry. You can find some of these in the case study section